Radish Seeds sort of sprouting

Today Kurt and I were going to wire the timer, but we ran into an issue where we realized we didn’t know what the hell we were doing. Next week I’m going to meet up with friends in Sac that can help me write it properly. It’s nothing to difficult, it’s just not something I actually know how to do.

Tomorrow, I’m going to pick up a 3rd goldfish from the pet store and possibly setup the hard PVC pipe from the fish tank to the upper tank. Right now there is a kink in the system and I think it puts too much of a strain on the system. Once the timer is installed, it’ll run full force just long enough to fill the upper tank to flush. Installing the PVC just seems flat out easier.

That all said, I was excited to see that the scattered radish seeds are already sprouting a bit. Some are half buried, some lying on top of the pebbles in the tank. There’s so many of them that I’m not worried about a few sprouting in a way where they won’t actually survive if I can watch.

The blue arrow points to one of the seeds where it’s starting to sprout. It’s nice to plant something that should be ready to harvest in 25 days or so.

Also, I’m planning on eating one of the lettuce plants that’s been growing. I think this one of has hit it’s peak.


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