New Fish, sprouting, harvested lettuce and timer

Went out today and got a 3rd gold fish. I think this will be the last one hopefully for a long time.

Growth seems to be going well. Here’s a snapshot of one of the radishes starting to peak it head out from one of the net pots. There’s also growth in the scattered seeds but I’ll give it a few days before I post photos of those.

I also harvested some of the lettuce from the grow beds last night and tried them out in tacos. They tasted really good. First time I’ve ever eaten anything I’ve grown for myself. I was worried it would taste weird or bad or something but it actually was the freshest tasting lettuce I’ve ever had in my life. Delicious.

Got some good feedback from my friend Bill on wiring of the timer. It seems to be fired up, I just need to figure out how to program it.

Hopefully I’ll get the timer figured out today and into a case. I might possibly hook up the new PVC piping from the fish tank to the grow tank as well.


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