Growth and PVC parts

I bought some 3/4″ 90′ street L’s today and a “gate” valve for it, so I can setup the PVC pipe from the pump up to the upper grow tank. The gate function of the valve will allow me to be more accurate with the flow once we have the timer in place. I should be setting it up tomorrow morning on Sunday.

I wanted to share the growth I’ve seen so far.

These are the seeds I scattered on top. Pretty cool for 5 days of growth, which means they are fully germinated. I feel like they are growing better than the net pots you can see below.

It probably doesn’t look as impressive because the seeds are physically further down inside the pot than those seeds I scattered on the surface/mixed just beneath the gravel. I guess we’ll know which is better at the end of the growth cycle, which is 22 days. I’m not sure if that means after germination or including.

And the limestone tiles are here. I’m going to take a reading of the water tomorrow, then try them out in the system and test every couple of days to make sure I’m not killing the fish.


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