Also, some growth notes

The radishes seem to be growing like gang busters. Tomorrow it will have been a week since I planted.

Radish growth = awesome 


The Spinach on the other hand, hasn’t moved. At all. This could be because the environment isn’t what they want it to be or simply I buried them to deep. Tomorrow I’ll probably end up replanting because they seem to be going nowhere.

Spinach growth = sucky

Snow Peas
Of the snow peas I planted, one seems to be doing well. I think it has to do with the fact that the seam along which the seed sprouts was facing up while the other was down. I believe this also because the netpot puts pressure on the sides, which might impede the seed form sprouting. Here’s a photo. You tell me what you think. 


Everything Else
Everything that was planted prior is doing relatively ok. The cucumbers aren’t yielding squate, so I’m debating just clearing them out and growing something else. The did bloom, which makes me think they need bees to actually sprout real cucumbers, but I have no idea. I’ll give them a bit longer then I’ll yank them. 

F-ing Cucumbers. Yield me some produce damn it!

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