Spreadsheet and Page Addition

I sat down again to do some work on the spreadsheet that I have been putting together to optimize the costs. I found another spreadsheet that has an average breakdown of the cost per kilowatt hour on a state by state basis. It’s pretty neat. I’ve set it up based on the equipment I’m using right now, but it’ll be easy enough to transfer that info over for evaluation when I need to figure out the costs for a larger operation. Below is a screenshot of the top part of it.

I you click on the image, you can see the cost to run the system at an industrial price in NY would be roughly $86 for the year. My next step is to figure out how much that cost means in terms of square footage and yield. I’ll be working on some estimates over the next few weeks as I plug in the estimated growth time for the plants. That obviously might differ from reality, but it’ll be a good estimate to start with.

Page Addition
If you check the top of the blog you’ll see I’ve added a page. It’s a Business Plan Overview of the business idea. Please take a look and add whatever comments you need to on the page.

I’ll be updating on water hardness tomorrow when I get back from my job interview. I missed a few days, but the fish seem happy and the plants are growing well.

And tomorrow I’m having lunch with Bill. Hopefully we can get the timer issue figured out and the 8 hours of operation that are actually listed in the screencap above can become true as opposed to wishful thinking.


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