Water Hardness, growth and harvesting (a bit) updates

Water Hardness

As you can see, the hardness less looks like it’s slipped again a bit. I think it’s because of a lack of clam shells, probably because they have been eroded by the running water. This is what I was expecting, just not quite so soon. I added some more to the media bags.



As you can see from the above photo comparison, one of the peas in the net pot has been growing pretty well over the last two weeks. The other one just didn’t grow at all. I cracked it open to take a look and it looks like it just didn’t take.

I replaced it with just a seed in the gravel like I’ve done with the others. Here’s a photo of the area at Day One.

Lettuce – Scattered

I added some scattered lettuce seeds where I harvested lettuce before I left for a few days. Here’s a photo of the growth.

You can just see it’s head poking out, but it’s growing.

Lettuce – Roots

Max harvested some Bib lettuce the other day and left the roots in. I’m going to leave it for a few days and see if it starts to regrow. With little experience in how food is grown and the thought that most food is just ripped from the ground with modern industrial agriculture I’m hoping it grows back. Again, NFI what I’m doing.


This is the photo of the net pot radishes. They’re growing a bit better than the ones I scattered, but I think that has to do with the depth of the scattered seeds. In any case, I planted on the 7th, it germinates in 4 – 7 days and then is harvested 22 days later. That’s based on the assumption that “days to harvest” does not include the germination period. That means I should be harvesting July 6th. Gotta put all this kind of stuff into a spreadsheet.


I’m getting nothing out of the Spinach. I cracked open the net pots and there was nothing going on with the seeds. So I did the “poke finger into the rocks” and planted some seeds.

Ok, that should be it for now. I’m off to New Orleans in the AM or the Tall Convention happening this weekend. I’m excited though to see what the growth will look like come Sunday night.


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