Replanting a bit more

I’m of the opinion that the cucumbers are just a complete bust. The leaves are getting this yellow trim that I honestly don’t understand. Take a look.

There’s also the fact that no cucumbers have shown up yet. It’s been about 3+ months and nothing. According to the package, it should have only been about 2 months. Instead I’ve gotten nothing. Take a look at how long this one has gotten and yet not growth.

I opted to take out all of the smaller ones that didn’t get as long as this one did. I left this one so that it would still suck up enough nutrients to continue to bio filter for the fish tank.

I replanted with snow peas again since it’s on the edges of the grow bed where the trellis is installed. I used a couple that came out of the package I bought I also planted one from the giant snow pea pod that I found hidden inside of one of the plants.

Radishes are supposed to be harvested on the 6th, but I don’t think they’ll be ready. We’ll see.


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