Aaand it’s essentially a grow house now…

I’ve been talking to Jonathan and we’ve been debating why the growth in the grow beds isn’t as great as we were hoping. It’s good, but not great. Everything is just like what we’ve read about in other sytems, save two things: we aren’t using natural sunlight and the air circulation isn’t what it would be in an open field.

Since I can’t solve the lighting issue, I decided to solve the air issue as best I can. There’s a window near by the unit and we have already setup visquin over the whole so all it required was setting up an exhaust fan.

And look! A plug! So easy this time!

I installed a cheap exhaust fan that you can get at the Home Depot for like $30 with some tube from the window to the unit. It’s a NuTone Basic 696N fan for a bathroom. It’s air movement is 50CFM, which is pretty small because the unit is only 3’x4’x4′ in terms of square footage.

I cut some holes out of a piece of plywood I had lying around the house and run expandable 3″ duct tube to dryer exhaust port things I put in the wood. I put in two so one would be the intake for air from outside. It’s not the tight seal you would need for a real grow unit but it’ll get more air regularly circulating as opposed to the air that comes through when I open the garage door.

And now we wait for the police to show up with a search warrant. Hooray!

It looks like I’m incubating an alien instead of snow peas…..


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