The exhaust fan is really helping

I thought just having the garage door opening a couple times a day was enough oxygen for the little setup of a few plants growing in the garage. I didn’t have the plastic down over it to encourage the wind blowing over it. But none of that seems to have been enough because now that the exhaust fan is in there sucking out the oxygen and sucking in the outside air the plants seem to be doing a lot better.

This bib lettuce for instance, the only full head of lettuce that remains from my harvesting, is standing straight up now. The leaves were kind of droopy before and had no center cohesion, but now it’s tall and strong. It’s pretty shocking. The radishes are looking heartier as well.

The leaves use to droop in the water, but now they too are standing up straighter.

My Uncle Ron wrote me the other day and did inform me that cucumbers need to be pollinated. Silly me. I’ll use the excuse that I’ve been more interested in the technical part than the actual plants. But since I setup the exhaust, apparently bees have attempted to come in and pollinate anyway. Here’s the photo of a dead one that Jonathan and I think got caught in the flow of the water and couldn’t fly out.

That got our wheels turning about bee farming in conjunction with the aquaponics but that is a talk for another day.


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