Timer installed and other updates

Last week I was finally able to get the timer I’ve been wanting installed from my friend Bill. It’s set right now to run just long enough to fill the upper tank (4:30) and then shuts the pump off for a spell (15:30) making the grow tank flood 3 times an hour.

The system might look jury rigged, but the wiring is solid. We’ll see if that works any better. Before it was running roughly 4 times an hour because all I had was the gate valve. This is way better, but way more expensive. Still, it means my electric bill for running the unit is going to drop roughly by two-thirds. Very cool.

Radish Growth

Everything, as I said before, is standing up straighter. The radishes look good but I haven’t noticed any actual growth of product yet. I’m over the due date, but I’m giving it time since I feel like everything was stunted without the fan.

I’m not entirely sure how radishes are supposed to grow, but is this normal?

I’m thinking they are pushing out the top because the netpots are putting too much pressure on them. It might also be explaining why the scattered ones don’t seem to be doing much better. The river pebbles are possibly too heavy. Maybe I should be reading the other aquaponics blogs more consistently. I’ve read about how some do growing with sand. Makes me wonder if I set this system up with sand and a decent filter on the bottom I could get these suckers to grow properly.

Snow Peas

The new snowpeas in the corner are growing like crazy. They’ve actually surpassed the little trellis I setup. The stalks also seem to be stronger than the old ones were because when they got this tall previously then tended to sag and fall over.

If you look at the radishes photo up top you can also see the growth of the old snow peas. The leaves have turned a darker shade. I’m wondering if this is because they were planted before the new light AND before the fan. Question mark, question mark, speculation…. hmmm…

I also harvested whatever snow I could get off them. The growth is… weird….

The big one is from the snow pea plant that is closested to the air intake. Now I’m wondering if enough air is flowing in. Thankfully, I bought two fans, so if I want to I can set this one up at the window. The only reason I don’t is cause I don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

Bib Lettuce

Almost forgot about the bib lettuce. It’s standing up really straight now. You can see on the comparison photo from just after I installed the new light and way before the fan was setup, the lettuce used to lie there just kind of limp. I assumed that’s what it was supposed to like because I’ve never grown food before. I guess I need to do a littler more reading on the growing and a little less on the technology.


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