Firing up the system this weekend

As I continue to search for full time employment I also work at keeping myself busy. There’s only so much time one can spend writing cover letters and trying to convince companies that you are the one to pick over the other 300+ applicants they get per job. (Trust me. That’s a very real number.)

That aside, the time has given me the chance to finally return to the aquaponics unit! There is only so much time I cans spend on my other projects (Magician Christian Cagigal, The Tall Blog, Hot Nerd Girl, Ken Rocks My World) that don’t require much getting dirty before I really want to pick up a power tool and MAKE something.

Aquaponics Greenhouse Drawings

My kingdom for AutoCAD

So this time I’m setting up the unit in my parents backyard in Sacramento. That means we’re moving out of the garage and into the backyard. That also means we’re going to need a green house.

I’ve been scanning the inter-tubes considering different designs. Size and shape are a big consideration, as is the cost. I’m still working on it, as the drawing above shows, but I do have a few things I know I’m doing that I can mention.

1) Eliminating the upper flood tank: The upper flood tank isn’t needed anymore since I got the timer. I had several issues with the system as well. The water bottle kept catching on the pipe coming out of the flood tank to fill the bottle or simply falling off. It’s not so much a flaw in the design as it is my inability to get it to work properly. But with the timer and all the valves I’ve got hooked up I should be able to pull it off without it.

2) Tiny greenhouse: The greenhouse is only going to encapsulate the unit. The idea is to minimize space since my parents aren’t interested in a giant greenhouse in their backyard.

3) Compost pit under the unit: This one might not work out, but the plan is to do some composting/mulching underneath the unit for warmth. If it doesn’t work out, obviously I’ll stop. I did see a video though on Youtube where it was working well in the northern Midwest so I figure it could work here too.

Other than that, I’ll have a run down of the unit hopefully on Saturday.

Even the thought of working with my hands makes me happy 🙂


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