What was planted

After spending some time researching to determine the best possible plants to grow this time around (which I think was 15 minutes on Wikipedia), I settled on the following:

Grow Bed #1: Radishes: That’s right, I’m doing radishes again. Primarily because they grow fast and don’t require bees to pollinate. (DAMNED CUCUMBERS!!!) Below is an image of the pattern I used to plant them next to what the grow bed actually looks like on day one.

Grow Bed #2: Garlic & Romaine Lettuce: There are two reasons I decided on this one. The first is that I was going to go all garlic because the growth room needed is tighter, but then I figured I could just go with half/half. The second is to see if my friend Ken, of KenRocksMyWorld.com fame, will actually come to my house with an axe and destroy the unit. 🙂

This should also give me a chance to see how the above ground growth of the radishes compares to the below ground growth of the garlic in the pea pebbles.

I’ll be looking at doing hopefully weekly updates on the growth. If things pick up, we’ll move to twice weekly. Per usual, there will be periodic updates of the trials and tribulations of the unit as whole.


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