Thanksgiving, Goldfish, and Mulch

Oh yes dear both of my readers, it is Thanksgiving Thursday, the less known holiday before tomorrow’s Black Friday (the only holiday African American’s get outside of February’s Black History Month) I’m going to talk some fish action and some mulch action. SAY WHAT?!?!

It’s been nearly two weeks since I fired up the unit and it was high time I actually check the water in the unit. If you’ve never read this before or have no idea what I’m talking about, you have to check the water periodically to make sure that it is within optimum level so your fish don’t turn belly up and float to the top.

Aquaponics Water Tracking 1If you’re interested in seeing all of the data I’m recording for this aquaponics project, just visit this link or the one in the sidebar.

As you can see from my levels, I’m working within normal parameters so far. I was kind of expecting the Nitrate and Nitrite levels to be a bit higher since the plants are still pretty small, but instead the levels look rock bottom. This means that comes Sunday, to the great joy of my niece, we’ll be getting a second fish. No longer will Redhead have to go to the fish bars all by her lonesome. She’ll be accompanied by Blonde or Brunette, depending on the color of the next fish.

The temperature of the water seems like it’s getting pretty low at night. It’s dropping as low as 45 degrees, which is a solid twenty degrees LOWER than goldfish are supposed to be swimming in. I’d get a heater for it, but honestly, this is about durability of the fish and the waste it can provide. Redhead seems to basically go dormant at night, hiding in the giant black PVC thing I’ve got in there for her at night. I’m hoping that once I’ve got the rest of the mulch containers in there it will provide a bit more ambient heat for the unit.

THAT said, I’ve started to add the mulch containers under the growbeds. I’ve dug up some worms from the backyard to add to each container. There might be other critters I need to add as well, but for now this will aerate the unit containers and “mix up” the waste as it were.


And that is where I’m at. I’ll have more photos for my usual growth update on Monday!




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2 responses to “Thanksgiving, Goldfish, and Mulch

  1. jkak

    -insulate the outside of the tank holding the fish to keep her warm you heartless bastard.
    -in the future you should come up with making a mini hydro electrics for when the water is draining….I’m sure it can be done
    -your compost needs to be kept warm and be turned every so often. its not like your pot of garbage with kurt that you planted p-tree in. plus if you keep it wrapped or get old tires fill those and tarp it, when the sun hits it it will insulate the green house more.
    -lastly, I actually read this blog. HONK HONK

    • dfvillere

      Why is it a she? Are you saying Redhead is a girls name? Stop prejudging names as girl names, jackass. I am gonna do that though thanks.

      and yes, I know I’m supposed to turn the mulch. but I’ll wrap it too, like you suggested. First thing first, I gotta fix it so it doesn’t sink anymore if it rains. oops, did I write that? Expect and update on that today.

      And as the hydoelectric thing: I’ve thought about it and now that it’s in Sac I gotta get Tim to take a look. He might know a thing or two about it since he’s an electrical engineer. For a unit this size that’s probably a scaling issue that would make setting it up not worth it, but for a large enterprise it might work tied in with solar power to feed off as well.

      *sigh* if only I had disposable income to work on this thing.

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