space fish

After not one but two people said to me that it would be grossly, GROSSLY negligent to not make a stronger attempt to keep my fish warmer as the winter gets colder I had to make a decision: somehow warm it or let it live in 40 degree water. With this obviously overwhelming demand how can any one man, with any morals, leave their fish to freeze like old people that can’t pay their electric bill?

Therefore, to avoid the townspeople grabbing their pitch forks and torches, I have turned the fish tank into: THE SPACE FISH TANK!!!!


So it shall be launched into the stratosphere, while the voice of Charleton Heston says "iiiiiinnnnnn sppppppaaaaacccceeeeee"

Oh yes. The SPACE FISH TANK (patent pending). A simple modification to the unit. I bought one of those “blankets” that is normally used to wrap hot water tanks. I might even go so far as to get a mirror to redirect the sunlight that is low in the sky into the tank. That idea is a little extreme, but hey, better that than the alternative.


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