Growth Update: Week 2

Exciting week in my parents back yard. Let’s take a look!

Radishes: The radishes are sitting right now at about one and a half inches tall. I thinned it out, so now it has roughly the recommended spacing where the rows are 12″ apart and 3 to 4 inches apart from each other.

radish growth

Radish growth - Week 2


Romaine Lettuce: this one is taking a bit longer and is only 3/4″ tall right now. these are meant to be 18″ apart in terms of row spacing and 8″ apart from the next ones. Right now, basically, I’ve got two growing.

romaine growth

Romaine Growth - Week 2


Garlic: the garlic seems to be doing really well. I’m actually very surprised by it’s growth. It’s current height is three and a half inches tall. Further reading has told me that garlic takes 8 months to fully mature. Holy god, what was I thinking?

garlic growth

Garlic Growth - Week 2




Fish #2: Today I went out with my niece and we got our second fish named “Blonde”. Seems to be about the right time to add a second fish. There is sufficient growth to warrant it without concern that it will add too much waste thereby creating fungal growth. This was a problem for the one in the garage, so hopefully I haven’t overstepped in the purchase.

Miss Mev and "Blonde"

Miss Mev and "Blonde"

And that’s it for this update. I’m heading to SF for a few days. We’ll see what it looks like when I get back. The radishes are supposed to be harvested around December 13th. That’s only three weeks out and I’m not sure these guys will make it. Also, the water testing is fine in another week or two, I’ll get a third goldfish.


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