“Brunette” purchased & other things

Several things going on with the unit. Like to hear about?

NEW FISH – “Brunette”

Purchased a third fish, which max’s out the capacity of the unit. Gold fish run a high alkalinity, so if there were more than three (from what I’ve heard) the fish would start dying.

maddy with brunette

Hoping to switch to tilapia in the Spring, but this will do for now.


The other garlic bulbs were doing so well, I decided to plant some more. So I went to the Safeway and settled for Christopher Ranch garlic. SET-TLED. And these seeds look huge. Atleast 50% bigger than the last ones I planed.


fresh garlic bulbs



In preparation for a potential switch to tilapia in the Spring, I want to start growing some duck weed. The plan is to use the upper tank that I took off the unit to grow the it. Eventually, I ‘d move the goldfish over to nutriate it. Right now, going to use the waste from my turtles cage to feed it. Just gotta find some frigin duckweed seeds. I’ll save this one till I get back from the city.

That’s it for the update. I won’t have anything again until I get back from the city on the 23rd. Hopefully the new garlic will have made some headway and we’ll see some radish bulb growth. That’ll put the next update as Growth Update: Week 5.5. Rage.


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