Growth Update: Week 5.5

All right, I’ve been gone for just over a week and there has been some pretty decent growth.


They’re looking good. Still waiting to see them start bulbing up at the bottom though. It’s almost two weeks past due in terms of when they should have fully grown, but I’m assuming that has to do with the fact that I’m only using gold fish.


The garlic is growing like gang busters. The biggest has nearly doubled in size to about a foot tall. As you can see the top part of one of them is kind of wilting. Is that good?


Starting to sprout. I’m mildly concerned I didn’t plany the bulbs low enough, but you can see them starting to creep out.

I didn’t even take pictures of the Romain Lettuce cause one of them seems to have disappeared all together and the other one is hardly growing at all. I’m thinking of replacing them with garlic too, for now.


Ok, this part is the craziest part. After watching some videos online (at the bottom) I decided I could make a solar powered water heater for the fish tank. If I’m right, the pressure from the fish tank should cycle the water through the pipes and heat the water.

Right now, there’s no way I could farm Tilapia because the fish tank gets as low as 55deg’s sometimes and as low as 30 some nights. Tilapia can’t live in waters below 60 degrees. They just die. And paying to heat the water regularly is just flat out cost prohibitive. This led me to looking into solar powered water heaters.

This thing is going to require 132 soda cans. I have 21.....

The basic idea is that the light from the window passes through, hits the copper coil that from either a refrigerator (or something I’ve made) heating the water as it passes through. The aluminum cans behind the coil also act as heat gathers. I’ll also be spray painting them black before I’m done. The hardest part has been trying to find the refrigerator coil for the box. Older refrigerators have the coil in the back while new ones have bunched up coils on the bottom. And seemingly no one has the coil I’m looking for. I’ll figure it out eventually though.


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