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Growth Update Week: 11

Wow. It’s been a while since I posted on here. Been reeeally busy with work. Fun things are happening with the unit.


Wow. some of them are frigin huge. It’s really an array of sizes because weeks ago the small ones weren’t pulled out to allow all the nutrients to go to the bigger ones. Still, pretty cool. I’ve pulled a few of them and they taste very strong. Like tangy as hell. Pretty cool.

radish exploded from aquaponics project

It grew to the point it exploded. Kind of awesome.



late harvest garlic

Kind of weird, cause the garlic I planted at the beginning (11/17/10, 11 Weeks ago) has kind of ended up with dried up tips at the top. I’m told that just means the garlic roots are going deeper or something so it’s a good thing, but as you can see from this photo, the late harvest garlic (planted 12/11/10, 7 weeks ago) is actually taller now than the original garlic. IDK what’s going on with that, but it’s cool.

Since half of the radishes had to be harvested, and the garlic is growing so well, I decided to go ahead and plant more of the garlic in place of the radishes. In a week or so I’ll probably pull the radishes and replace them with Garlic too.

Solar Powered Water Heater

I picked up the refrigerator coil from my grandparents house this weekend, which gives me the last main part of the solar-powered water heater that I need to really get the ball rolling.

refrigerator coil

I took the aluminum cans that my family has been saving for me and attached them in the wood box with the left over caulk I had from fixing the fish tank a week ago. Then I spray painted it with two coats of black spray paint to absorb the heat better once it’s installed..

I bent the coils so now they are flat. All that is needed is to get the right fitting and try it out. This part I’m assuming would take the longest to make sure it worked. Unfortunately, the weather has turned rainy this weekend so it’ll have to wait. I’m not terribly interested in trying to get it all hooked up in the rain as it could take a couple trips to the store and reducing fasteners, etc.

Hope to be back up with a new post next weekend, as the following two weekends after that are kind of spoken for with trips and Ficken Esquire coming to the city. LAWYERED!


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