Harvest Valve Update

So today, in advance of the harvest that I’m anticipating doing next weekend (a whole 7 garlic bulbs, BOOYAH!) I added valves so I could shut off flow to one side of the unit or the other. The point, as I said in yesterdays post, is to give the garlic a day or two on one side to dry a bit and stay more intact for harvest.

But, whoops, as you can see on the right I forgot I had that pipe running between the two units. I’m going to cut that one in the middle and add a valve just before I shut off flow to the that side. That’s because I’ll be disrupting the caulk that I’ve got on there, potentially creating another leak issue.  But since I’ll be letting that side spend a day drying out of the bed, I can re-caulk after and let it dry normally as opposed to the crappy “blow dryer” drying I’ve been doing to make sure the plants don’t get dried out.



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2 responses to “Harvest Valve Update

  1. jkak

    are you going to need to adjust the water flow so it does not overflow? or is gravity taking care of itself in this situation. I think you should look at the length or amount of water being pumped into just one grow bed since it was callibrated for two.

    • Darcy

      Doesn’t really matter if it overflows, it all just ends up back in the tank cause of the overflow pipe. Remember? the black one? I’ll be replanting right after I harvest, so it should be fine.I guess I could redo the timer, but I use the same timer for the outdoor unit and it might not fill completely without it running. I’ll work on it.

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